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Getting Older is Not Optional



Part 1 Howard County Office On Aging [Duration: 11:30]. Click the image above to view the video.


Part 2 Cindy Hounsell (Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement) [Duration: 14:16]. Click the image above to view the video.


Part 3 Age 60 to 75 Panel [Duration: 29:06]. Click the image above to view the video.



Part 4 Age 76 to 85 Panel [Duration: 34:41]. Click the image above to view the video.



Part 5 Age 86+ Panel [Duration: 22:40]. Click the image above to view the video.


Part 6 Howard County Office On Aging [Duration: 5:26]. Click the image above to view the video.


Aging Successfully in Howard County

Do you have a plan for aging in place?

It’s a fact.  Our community is aging, and while you may have a home that works for you now, what about tomorrow?

One of our board members, Paul Verchinski, has been very active in advocating for policies that support aging successfully in Howard County. This section of our website is designed to provide information to assist you in getting the tools that you need to develop a successful plan for you or your loved ones.  We’ll be posting information here regularly, so be sure to check back & if you have information you would like to share, contact us.

Aging Blog

Past Articles & Information on Aging

The Longevity Bonus Years Corner

By Paul Verchinski, Oakland Mills Liaison to the CA Senior Advisory Committee (SAC).   It has been a busy year in Howard County and on the CA SAC.  The SAC continues to support The Village in Howard (TVIH) which now has over 135 members.  It has been specifically set...

The Senior Corner – August 2013

Did you know that CA is offering a 6-Class Pass for those 65+? The cost is $42. The pass can be obtained at the Athletic Club and must be used in a 30 day period. Some activities include Tai Chi, Aqua Arthritis at the pool, etc. You can repeat items you are interested...

The Senior Corner – Jan 2013

Timely news for all of you Snowbirds out there.  CA will now sell Monthly Memberships for ALL classes of memberships (resident and non-resident).  This also includes swimming pools for those of you who head north during part of the summer.  The 20% Senior Discount for...

The Senior Corner – Sept 2012

Did you know that on October 1, 2012, the County Council passed Council Bill 28-2012, the “Livable Homes” tax credit, which provides a 50% tax credit up to $2500 for accessibility modifications?  The Livable Homes Tax credit, which was signed into law by the County...

2013 Aging Successfully in the Community Forum

We recorded the forum presentations as they proved to be a great source of information.

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