The RT with representatives from affected counties have been meeting monthly since March when the RT was first formed.  While we continue to hope that the FAA will make changes, hope is not a plan and we do not see positive measures being taken by the FAA to broadly deal with RT issues.  We , therefore, have endorsed the litigation proposed by Governor Hogan and currently being implemented by AG Frosh (letter attached).  However, that same letter states that the RT will continue to work in parallel with any litigation undertaken by the State.  The RT may or may not be able to do this since the FAA has required that any parties to a litigation should not be on a RT.  This might include the entire BWI RT.
In Sept we sent an extensive letter to the FAA dealing with BWI arrivals and departures and altitudes of planes under NextGen (letter attached). (Information from residents who have spoken out at the RT has been very helpful. ) The FAA recently responded to that letter with out any substantive comments.  (letter attached)
The next meeting of the RT will be held on January 16, 2018 at the Md Aviation Administration offices.  Currently, three members of the HCCA were appointed to the RT, Paul Verchinski, Rusty Toler, and Howard Johnson.
Minutes of RT meetings, presentations, legislators letters of support, etc. can be found at Maryland Aviation Administration – Community Relations