We are pleased to announce that Stu Kohn, President of the Howard County Citizens Association, HCCA, and Lisa Markovitz, President of The People’s Voice, TPV, are establishing the civic coalition of the two groups. Lisa, a former VP of HCCA, has attended recent HCCA Board meetings, where the two groups having mutual civic goals was discussed and collaboration was enthusiastically approved. Each President will attend each other’s Board meetings to help disseminate information to Howard County citizens regarding local government activities that affect our quality of life.

Each group seeks to involve civic leaders and organizations from across the County to create a hub of information, to improve communication and transparency for citizen input into such areas as education, infrastructure, zoning, the environment, support for seniors, public safety and other county interests.  The two organizations will work together and share resources to better accomplish their goals.

The HCCA’s purpose is to bring residents together to take action and encourage participation in County affairs.  The HCCA has represented Howard County since 1961 and has been very successful and extremely involved, helping to form Howard County plans, sitting on task forces and working with elected officials on land use and other matters. Please go to for details.

The People’s Voice, founded by Lisa has the same goals, but is also a political organization. TPV’s Board of civic leaders from around the County has vast experience regarding improving transparency and citizen input in government decision-making.  The TPV has been well-received since recently being formed with over 1300 likes on Facebook and hundreds of members.  TPV sponsors The Ethics Ballot, through a non-partisan PAC which endorses candidates based on campaign financing and putting community interests over special interests.  The HCCA is not a political organization and thus, is in no way associated with the Ethics Ballot.  Please go to for details.

Please check out the websites as noted above, to become a member or renew your membership, to like on Facebook and follow us on twitter.


Stu Kohn, HCCA, President

Lisa Markovitz, The People’s Voice, President