JD SmithI have been a resident of Columbia since 1972. I have been a member of HCCA for six years, and I was a member of the Harper’s Choice Village Board for four years. I have been actively involved in local politics, researching and testifying on issues that affect the residents of Columbia’s older villages, especially the potential for neglect that might occur as the County focuses on the Master Plan for Downtown. In the process, I have developed good working relationships with members of Howard County’s delegation to the state legislature, current Council members, several Columbia Association representatives and current members of several of the village boards.

In addition to Downtown, other issues of importance to me are: Ensuring that County officials’ activities and fiscal policies are in the best interests of the residents of Howard County; maintaining the safety of our streets, playgrounds and shopping areas; enhancing and maintaining a walkable/bikeable pathway system; and encouraging political leadership in improving and sustaining the county’s natural environment. Being a semi-retired Organization Development consultant, I bring both communication skills and time to devote to the HCCA board.