Stu Kohn - PresidentI have lived in Scaggsville since 1983. I strongly believe our County needs to seriously consider the following proverb: “Vision without Action is a Daydream, while Action without a Vision is a Nightmare.” Over the next 30 years, our County could increase to over 154,000 additional residents. The major question we all face is can our infrastructure more than adequately handle this growth? Infrastructure not only includes adequate roads and schools, but other major components such as, emergency medical services, fire, police, water, sewage, and electricity. These categories should be considered for incorporation in the County’s Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance (APFO).

My involvement in the community is as follows:

  • HCCA Board Member since 2010.
  • HCCA President since 2014.
  • HCCA Vice President in 2012.
  • Member of the County Executive’s DPZ/DILP Transition Team.
  • Member of the APFO Task Force.
  • Member of the Mulching Composting Task Force.
  • Member of the Local Health Improvement Coalition sponsored by Health Department.
  • Worked and consulted with North Laurel, Savage, Albeth Community, Highland, Dayton, and Woodbine communities regarding proposed Developments
  • Organized meetings with Director DPZ and staff members.
  • Suggested HCCA work with the County and Hospital officials to inform the public on the Emergency Room services for the purposes of reducing the waiting time and yellow/red alerts. HCCA formed an Emergency Room Committee and this area has greatly improved.
  • Safety concerns on Route 32 and worked with Del Guzzone to have the wording expanded on the “Mandatory Headlight” signs to read “At All Times.”
  • Suggested County Executive Ulman Annual Town Meetings.
  • Worked with Council Members Guzzone and Ulman to have zoning policy changes which formulated the enactment of Bills.
  • Requested artwork by Howard County students be updated annually in the George Howard Building – Banneker Room
  • Work as a volunteer at Montpelier Mansion in Laurel doing research.

Strategic planning, common sense, and execution are the essence of a successful community. My objective is to be involved and play a role in making our County a place where we can all be proud to live.