HCCA Mission Statement

The Howard County Citizens Association (HCCA) is a non-partisan organization of County Residents.  The HCCA mission is to bring residents together to provide them a means of expressing their views on the affairs of Howard County and advancing interests for:


  • Maintaining and improving the quality of life in Howard County.
  • Exemplary government and delivery of services.
  • Sound fiscal policies and responsible administration of public funds.
  • Orderly growth and development in the best interests of its residents and the environment.
  • Educational system excellence.
  • Preservation of agricultural, historical, and open space.

How We Achieve Our Mission

HCCA is an effective advocate regarding land use, transportation, seniors, education, environment and other issues affecting County citizens. HCCA advocates to achieve its mission by:


  • Testifying before County elected officials and government agencies.
  • Engaging our elected representatives on issues and legislation that concerned citizens put forth to the HCCA Board.
  • Participating on citizen advisory committees.
  • Working in coalitions with other public interest organizations.
  • Providing speakers for and hosting educational forums on current issues.
  • Notifying members of public meetings, events, and courses they may wish to attend.
  • Maintaining an e-mail list serv dialogue for debate of issues.
  • Keeping members informed of current articles in local media.
  • Providing information on County government and how to contact your legislators.
  • Providing a vehicle for members and citizens to voice their concerns via open “speak outs” at HCCA Board meetings.