Howard JohnsonHello

I moved to Elkridge in 1992 for the same reason many people move to Howard County, for the school system. My daughters were just at elementary school age and we jumped the county line to be apart of one the best school systems in the country. Early on, I was active in EYO as a soccer coach and then I was drawn to join the Knights of Columbus. I was an officer and continue as an active member of the St. John Neumann Council. Today I hold a small State level position as a District Warden with the Knights.

In 2002 I became aware of the Route 1 revitalization project and started to hold small meetings of concerned residents trying to figure out what we could do stop it, slow it down, decrease the proposed density etc., only to find out as comprehensive rezoning and comp. light of 2003-2004 came to be, we were too late. It was during that time I was approached to join the Greater Elkridge Community Association. I was an officer of GECA, acting as President from 2007 to present, and I will continue to be a member of the organization. GECA is an organization that seeks to protect and provide a high quality of life for all Elkridge residents and we have been working very hard to achieve that goal.

I am honored to be considered to be a member of the HCCA board and to work with such a diverse group of people from all corners of the County. The HCCA mission statement is very similar to the GECA mission. I see this as an opportunity to listen and learn from all residents in the county and help them make Howard County an even better place to live. Howard County is a small replica of the state of Maryland. The west is open for farm and forest preservation, while the east is dense with population and planned growth. We have to find a way to maintain a balance of growth while not restricting the property rights of others and imposing density when the county has not planned the infrastructure to support it.

It is very important that we expect all of our elected officials to follow the County Charter, State Constitution, and the US Constitution when creating or reviewing legislation in accordance with our God given rights.