Alan SchneiderI grew up on a 7 acre farm. I milked a cow, raised pigeons, rabbits and pheasants, worked with horses, sheep, and chickens, and tended the garden. Before college I worked in a grocery store, in a funeral home, and alongside my father in his home based business. The community worked together.

After law school I clerked for a judge, then began a national and international corporate legal career in transportation and health care.  Corporate success requires compliance which exceeds minimum standards, achieving procurement goals, and teamwork. I coordinated corporate teams on successful federal multi-district and state litigation.  I worked with the National Transportation Safety Board and state officials. More recently I was engaged in special projects for Washington DC law firms. I am a licensed attorney in the District of Columbia, North Carolina, and Oregon.

My local involvement began when I learned that a local development violated several health and safety standards, and was contrary to the goals for the future of Howard County expressed in PlanHoward 2030, which are to protect our natural resources, to protect our most precious resource–our water, and to enhance the lives of Howard County citizens. Following the plan in PlanHoward 2030 is needed. Among other benefits, it would avoid irreversible damage to Howard County’s last remaining high quality watershed.

Compliance with planning goals is critical.  The benefits of following a good plan motivated me to testifying before the Board of Appeals, Planning Board, and County Council. Supporting a better future for Howard County inspired me to join others in collecting some of the almost 7,000 signatures for the Referendum Petition, and to campaign on local issues in the last election.

I will continue working to implement PlanHoward 2030 goals, to facilitate meaningful citizen participation, to promote transparent government, to preserve Howard County’s uniqueness, and to promote government efficiency for a better future for Howard County.

I am honored to serve on the Boards of the Greater Highland Crossroads Association, and to serve on the Board of Howard County Citizen’s Association.