Did you know that on October 1, 2012, the County Council passed Council Bill 28-2012, the “Livable Homes” tax credit, which provides a 50% tax credit up to $2500 for accessibility modifications?  The Livable Homes Tax credit, which was signed into law by the County Executive late last week and goes into effect on December 5, 2012, covers such modifications as widening doorways and installing grab bars, fixed ramps, and stair glides.

Councilwoman Terrasa introduced CB28  (co-sponsored by Councilman Calvin Ball our representative), taking advantage of state enabling legislation introduced by Delegate Guy Guzzone, to support older adults and individuals with disabilities in continuing to live safely and independently in their own homes and to help families struggling to make their homes more accessible to loved ones.  The county council passed this legislation unanimously.  Howard County will be the first MD County to offer this to its residents.  Both I and Rusty Toler from Owen Brown worked with Councilwoman Terrasa on formulating the legislative language that was ultimately adopted.

To access forms and information on the tax credit, click below. (this link was updated on March 4, 2017)

Read more about CB28-2012



My last Senior Corner was in May and a lot has happened since then.   We are an active bunch providing suggestions and recommendations to CA on Senior issues!  The Senior Events Shuttle (SES), funded by CA, continues to provide free evening transportation for groups going to cultural events (groups of 4 or more Seniors 60+).  Kudos to John Eberhard of Oakland Mills who coordinates the SES requests.

All of us are interested in aging in Columbia.   CA has established an “Older Adult Work Team” comprised of senior CA staff, me and Rusty Toler (Vice-chair).  Its goal is to develop a 25-30 Plan for Aging in Columbia and will take about a year to complete.  Some of the issues to be addressed include:

  • Basic demographics and socioeconomic characteristics, and changes in Columbia and Howard County. This includes housing, population, income, education, etc.
  • Data about older adults currently participating CA programs
  • Age characteristics of CA members
  • Info about what CA programs older adults are participating in
  • Health and wellness trends, including average lifespan, for county
  • Are residents staying in Columbia or moving away?
  • What’s popular in CA programs for Seniors? What are people not interested in? What are the holes in what CA provides?

Another CA Senior Advisory Committee effort is the following and you are all invited.

The “Village” A New Concept in Aging

  • Want to stay in your home as you grow older?
  • Want to be independent and self sufficient as you age?
  • Want to stay connected to your community and be an active participant in your golden years?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will want to come to an informational meeting to learn more.

It has been ten years since the seniors of Beacon Hill in Boston, Massachusetts came together and formed a Village” as an answer to these questions. They wanted to build a community of like-minded individuals who wanted to live as active and connected senior citizens of their community. Thru their grassroots efforts, a Village” was formed that provided social connections, information, events and support services to help them age at home.

Interested?   Join us: All are welcome. No reservations required.

Date:  Thursday, November 8th
Time:  10:00am – 12:00 noon
Location:   Linden Hall, 4765 Dorsey Hall Drive, Ellicott City, MD 21042
(Linden Hall is located behind the gas station at the Dorsey Hall Village Center)

Refreshments will be served.  For further information, please call Mary McGraw at 410-740-8152.

(The Senior Advisory Committee of the Columbia Association supports this meeting.)

Download “The Village” event  flyer.

Paul Verchinski is an Oakland Mills Resident and Chair of the CA Senior Advisory Committee (SRAC).