Preserving the Vision of New Town Columbia

Join us in helping ensure that the vision for our planned community is sustained

Over the years, several HCCA members have expressed concern about the lack of consistency in application of covenants and zoning in Columbia. Redlining, a tool intended for small changes, has become a vehicle for sneaking development projects in “under the radar” and without public input. Large developers have been able to circumvent covenant restrictions that smaller entities have been forced to abide by. Essentially, enforcement of the policies that helped make Columbia the wonderful planned community it is today has been spotty at most. As a response to this, back in 2013, the HCCA formed a New Town committee tasked with developing an intricate understanding of the zoning and covenants for Columbia’s New Town. The ultimate goal was to serve as an impetus for action toward the consistent enforcement of covenant and zoning restrictions as well as toward the updating of Columbia’s Plan. This initiative was spearheaded by Brian England and JD Smith, and the product of that 14 plus months of work is the report:  New Town Columbia – Preserving the Vision.

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